Engine Repair


The engine in your vehicle is what keeps your car running and working. It is no surprise that if your engine isn’t in great shape, your car won’t be, either, and you’ll need to visit Downtown Tire & Auto for assistance.

Here are a few indications that your engine is in need of repairs:

Check Engine Light Turns On
A check engine light could indicate a serious problem with your ignition, or fuel and emission system. If this light comes on, it is a serious problem and needs immediate attention.

When your engine stops running and your cars stalls, this could indicate a problem with the electrical system in your car or the fuel system. The engine is unable to ignite the gas in the car’s cylinders and requires attention from a certified technician.

Engine Clicking or Ticking
If your engine starts to sound like your watch, you may be having a problem with the car’s oil pressure. A damaged or clogged oil pump could be preventing oil from reaching all of the components necessary to run the vehicle.

To keep your car running at its best, it is important to keep the engine in optimal condition. Take your vehicle for its scheduled maintenance, perform yearly emissions tests and visit us with any questions or concerns you have regarding your car.

Contact us to set up a maintenance schedule.

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